Self Care Planner Aesthetic Notion Template

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Self Care Planner Aesthetic Notion Template

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Use this self-care planner Notion template to help you stay organized and live a healthier lifestyle. The Self Care Planner contains a 30-day Gratitude Challenge as well as space for you to plan your daily self care, medical & wellness appointments, skincare routines, to-do lists, goals, and more.

✓ Personal Planning

✓ Medical & Wellness

✓ Period Tracker

✓ Daily Gratitude

✓ Reflections Journal

✓ Skincare

...and more.

I want this!

This Self Care Planner makes it easy for you to take care of yourself by helping you plan your self care.

Personal Planner
Self Care Goals
Inspiration Board
Love Letter
Gratitude Journal
Dr Appointment Log
Mood Tracker
Hydration Tracker
Skincare Tracker
Period Tracker
Sleep Tracker
Habit Tracker
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